Welcome to Orbidder

The Central Procurement Office is pleased to introduce Orbidder, the new automated RFX Drafting system designed to help procurement departments reach new heights in speed and precision when designing, drafting and assembling their tendering documents.

Orbidder is used by the Cayman Islands Government under license from The Procurement Office.

1: Project Design

Orbidder serves as an organization’s first contact point for drafting solicitation documents. Leading clients through a streamlined series of carefully designed questions, Orbidder creates a customized design blueprint for each project and performs a real-time analysis to select the most project-appropriate RFX format as part of that blueprint design. Orbidder instantly relays that project design blueprint to the organization’s procurement team as each new project enters the system. Key players receive email notifications that a project has been created and can be accessed by them at any time.

2: Coordinated Drafting

Orbidder’s specially designed arrivals and departures board puts the procurement team in the control room of its organization’s tendering operations. From this virtual command room, the procurement team can assess incoming project blueprints, assign drafting roles and deadlines for different project components to members of each project team, and monitor progress as team members upload their specific modules into the system for final review and assembly. The built-in OrbidderMetrics tracking system provides the organization with real-time statistical reports, helping to identify drafting bottlenecks while tracking the acceleration of drafting procedures across the organization. The Orbidder command room also helps maintain legally compliant standards, locking down version control with a professionally designed and customized suite of Procurement Law Office tendering templates. These state-of- the-art templates help organizations navigate the legal and operational challenges of the tendering process while project teams focus on finishing the project-specific components of each RFX.

3: Instant Assembly

Once the drafting team finishes uploading the project-specific components, Orbidder instantly assembles the final tendering document based on the original project design blueprint, integrating the project-specific components into the appropriate RFX template. It’s as easy as ABC: with the push of a button, organizations can release final RFX documents on their current bidding sites in record time.

If your CIG team (Core government or SAGCs) is ready to take a quantum leap in advancing the art of RFX drafting, Please contact the CPO for your secure access.