Request for Proposals with Dialogue


19.93. Request for Proposals with Dialogue

An entity may engage in procurement by means of a request for proposals with dialogue where-

  • it is not feasible for the entity to formulate a detailed description of the subject matter of the procurement and the entity assesses that dialogue with suppliers or contractors is needed to obtain the most satisfactory solution to its procurement needs; or
  • the entity seeks to enter into a contract for the purpose of research, experiment, study or development, except where the contract includes the production of items in quantities sufficient to establish their commercial viability or to recover research and development costs; or
  • the entity determines that the selected method is the most appropriate method of procurement for the protection of essential security interests of the Islands; or
  • open tendering was engaged in but no bids were presented or the procurement was cancelled by the entity and, in the opinion of  the Chief Officer or Chief Executive Officer, as the case may be, engaging in new open tendering or any other procurement  method would be unlikely to result in a procurement contract.
  • (sometimes referred to as the "Best-and-Final-Offer (BAFO) NRFP" or the "Dialogue NRFP") This format allows for a more flexible open competition procurement process where proposals will be ranked on price and non-price factors. Multiple short-listed proponents will be invited to negotiate and then submit a best-and-final-offer for further evaluation and final ranking, contract negotiation and award.