E-Procurement Training: Bonfire

May 4, 2018  1:00 pm - May 11, 2018  2:00 pm

Online Webinar

The new Procurement Law and Regulations are in effect as of 1 May 2018, making procurement across the public service fairer, more transparent and more accessible.

Bonfire is a leading next-generation competitive bidding platform that manages the end-to-end procurement process without any paper. It helps public sector entities reach broader audiences and comply with new advertising and reporting requirements – all while saving time, money and paper.

Many people have asked to learn more about this e-procurement tool and Rachel Friesen of Bonfire has been delivering online sessions along with Craig Milley and Liz Gerrie from the Central Procurement Office. The webinars allow you to register and attend from your own computer, completely free of charge.

In just one session, regular users can fine-tune their motoring skills on the platform and new users will be introduced to many features of this important tool to make your procurements more efficient. Sign up for one of four sessions today through the links below:

If you want to learn more about Bonfire, new tools and technology for procurement in the CIG, legislative changes, or anything else relating to procurement, check out www.procure.gov.ky or contact the contact us.