For Suppliers

How to become a supplier and find bidding opportunities for the Cayman Islands Government

You can visit our online Public Purchasing Portal to register as a supplier and find bidding opportunities.

Not all opportunities are listed, as it depends on contract value and confidentiality.


Where to find bidding opportunities

You can find out about new bidding opportunities either by signing up to the Public Purchasing Portal or by checking the local newspapers.


Responding to a bidding opportunity

You'll first need to register as a supplier and provide information about your organization.

You can then respond to a bidding opportunity either through the Public Purchasing Portal or by following the specific instructions in the newspaper advert or in the bid document.


The procurement process

The procurement process will be managed differently depending on the contract value, type, and opportunity.

It will be led by the purchasing entity but may be subject to oversight by either an Entity Procurement Committee or by the Public Procurement Committee.

All bids are subject to an evaluation process based on the criteria and weightings disclosed in the bid document.

Unsuccessful bids

If you’re unsuccessful in your bid, you can ask for a debriefing which tells you why your bid wasn't successful. 
During a debriefing you won’t be given any information on other parties’ bids.

Feedback about the procurement process

If you have feedback during a bidding process, you can submit questions and comments through the Public Purchasing Portal or to the contact identified in the bid document. 

If you have any feedback after a bidding process, you can submit comments to the procurement team during the debriefing.

Supplier guidance and supporting information

We promote open, fair and transparent competition in the award of contracts, supported by strong procurement legislation for the supply of goods, services and works to all public sector organizations. 

Cayman Islands Government is not subject to EU Procurement Directives.