Market Research

The Central Procurement Office has access to reports from ProcurementIQ which is a business intelligence firm providing industry market research and purchasing reports.  ProcurementIQ offers research reports on over 1,300 industries and more than 1,000 procurement categories.

ProcurementIQ’s Industry Research Reports provide strategic insights and analysis, covering 97% of the US economy — from Accounting Services to Zoos.

ProcurementIQ’s Procurement Research Reports help procurement professionals gain the knowledge and expertise they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Their library of reports allows you to dive directly into almost any market, product or service and uncover trends and competitive data, helping you to minimize risk and reduce costs.

The reports are useful in any procurement stage:

And help you:

The complete listing of reports available are linked above and sample reports can be found here on Services – Janitorial, and Goods – Laptops.

Please contact the CPO for any required research report.