Established Government-Wide Contracts

Established Government-Wide Contracts

The following contracts are available for the use of all CIG entities, including Statutory Authories & Government Companies, and are a result of a public procurement process. 

For access to the ordering details related to these contracts, please contact the Procurement Manager. Entites that use these contracts are not required to conduct a separate or additional procurement process for the goods and/or services specified.


Contract Name Contract Details Successful Vendor(s) Contract Start Date Contract Expiry Date
Computers & Accessories for Government

There are sixteen (16) different items in this multi-category award including desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors, UPSs, conference room monitors, whiteboards and copiers. 

Multiple December 5 2019 September 30 2020
Office Products & Consumables There are three (3) different categories in this multi-category award that include items such as office products, paper, printing cosumables, janitorial and sanitation products.  Kirk Office Feb 11 2020 Feb 10 2022