PPC Meetings


PPC Secretary: Shiann Naulty (shiann.naulty@gov.ky) - All requests for a PPC Number should be sent to the PPC Secretary, with the approved business case attached, prior to the issuing of tender documents. PPC Numbers are required for procurement projects with a value of KYD$250,000 or over.

All requests to be added to a PPC agenda shall be sent to to the PPC Secretary a minimum of 8 calendar days prior to the meeting date. Any requests sent after this time cannot be guaranteed to make the agenda. Requests should include the approved business case and completed checklist & evaluation report or direct award justification & approval

The following dates were confirmed as meeting dates for the PPC in the 2021 calendar year:

14 January 2021
4 February 2021
4 March 2021
1 April 2021
6 May 2021
3 June 2021
1 July 2021
5 August 2021
2 September 2021
7 October 2021
4 November 2021
2 December 2021