Request for Proposal with Consecutive Negotiation


19.98. Request for Proposal with Consecutive Negotiation

An entity may engage in procurement by means of request for proposals with consecutive negotiations where the procuring entity:

  • needs to consider the financial aspects of proposals separately and only after completion of examination and evaluation of the technical, qualitative and performance characteristics of the proposal; and
  • determines that consecutive negotiations with suppliers or contractors are needed to ensure that the financial terms and conditions of the procurement contract are acceptable to the entity.
  • (sometimes referred to as the "Rank-and-Run NRFP" or simply an "NRFP") This format allows for a more flexible open competition procurement process where proposals will be ranked on price and non-price factors. The top ranked proponent is invited to negotiate the final contract. If those negotiations fail, the institution can proceed to negotiate with the next-ranked proponent.