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2. Application

The CIG has a decentralized contracting and procurement function with goods and  services procured by public officers in the government ministries and departments.This policy applies to any public officers engaged in procurement activities in the CIG.

It excludes the following items as listed in The Procurement Law, 2016, Part 1 Section 3: 

  • procurement between government entities; 
  • procurement by entities during an emergency as defined in this Law; 
  • contracting for employment; 
  • contracting with an entity established by public sector employees to carry out contracted services for government,this exception applying only to the initial awarding of a fixed term contract for a period up to a maximum of five years; 
  • acquisition or disposition of land or any immovable property or rights in relation    thereto;
  • purchasing original works of art or artifacts;
  • insignias for the award of national honours; 
  • remittances relating to insurance premiums, pensions and benefits; 
  • education, accreditation or conferences; 
  • postage and subscriptions for newspapers, magazines and periodicals; 
  • purchases from regulated utilities including electricity, water and sewage; and 
  • purchase agreements with community or social groups supplying outputs to government.