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5.59 Chief Officer/Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Officer in a given Ministry or Portfolio or the Chief Executive Officer of each Statutory Authority or Government Company is responsible for delivering the outputs of government that contribute to the overall outcomes that have been established by the Cabinet. The Chief Officer shall be responsible for -

(a) identifying the need for inputs and directing employees to develop requirements and specifications to be satisfied through procurement;
(b) ensuring the creation of and authorizing of a documented business case in the prescribed format for procurement, prior to proceeding to market or soliciting bids;
(c) ensuring an available and approved funding source prior to soliciting bids;
(d) acquiring goods, services and works required to deliver Ministry or Portfolio outputs;
(e) authorizing Ministry or Portfolio expenditures and the awarding of contracts;
(f) ensuring Ministry or Portfolio employees involved in procurement have the appropriate procurement related education and training;
(g) implementing and ensuring compliance with this Law, and all associated legislation, policies and procedures within the Ministry or Portfolio;
(h) ensuring that all procurement related documents are retained and secured at all times and disposed of in accordance with existing records management laws and policy;
(i) ensuring the results of all procurement projects within the Ministry or Portfolio are publicly reported in the prescribed format and timeframe specified in regulations and policy;
(j) ensuring unsuccessful bidders are notified in writing following the award of contract and provided with an opportunity for a full debriefing by evaluators in the prescribed format and timeline as may be prescribed.