Public Procurement Committee

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5.7. Public Procurement Committee

The Public Procurement Committee shall be responsible for -

(a) reviewing the business case provided by the Public Sector Investment Committee for goods, services or works being procured in accordance with prescribed thresholds;

(b) reviewing the competition documents prior to issuance to ensure they comply with the business case;

(c) receiving and providing receipts for all bid submissions expected to exceed the specified thresholds;

(d) ensuring fairness, impartiality and confidentiality in the treatment of bid submissions in its possession;

(e) reviewing the recommendations of the entity procurement committees and verifying that the evaluation process was conducted in accordance with the terms and requirements of the original competition document;

(f) providing assurance to the Chief Officers or Chief Executive Officers that the procurement process has complied with the Law and procurement policy;

(g) approving applications for “direct award” procurement; and

(h) assessing the recommendation for award of contract and formally communicating this assessment to the Chairman of the respective entity procurement committee.