25.90. Debriefing

As part of the selection process an entity is to:

  • Advise bidders in writing of the procurement outcome;
  • Thank bidders for participating in the process; and
  • Make available a debriefing.

It is a requirement of the Procurement Regulations, 2018 that an entity shall provide debriefing information to any unsuccessful bidder that makes a request for such information.   

Debriefings to unsuccessful bidders are to take place after the contract is awarded and within 30 days of the supplier’s request, with the meeting contents documented and placed on file.

To assist entities in your debriefing procedure a guidance document has been prepared by the Central Procurement Office and is available at the following link:

The debriefing may be provided in writing, by phone, video conference or in person within the Cayman Islands.  

The focus of the debriefing is on how the bidder was evaluated against the evaluation criteria of the solicitation document and not as a comparison with other bids received to protect the confidentiality of the other bids.

The debriefing is to provide the bidder with such information that would enable the bidder to understand the basis on which the bid was not accepted.  The purpose is to assist suppliers to bid more competitively in the future, not to appeal the outcome of the procurement process.

Following a debriefing, a bidder may still file a complaint regarding the administration of the procurement process using the established complaints process and timelines of the entity concerned.