24.99. Receipt of Bids

The rules of receipt of bids and the closing of the procurement period must be clearly stated in the procurement document.  

The appropriate authority based on the threshold of the procurement will open and record the bids received:

  • At less than $100K, as determined by the Chief Officer;
  • At $100K to < $250K, the Entity Procurement Committee receives and receipts bid submissions; and
  • At $250K +, the Public Procurement Committee receives and receipts bid submissions.

The bids are to be submitted before the closing of the submission deadline stated in the procurement document. Late bids will be accepted only subject to any specific circumstances outlined in the procurement document. Otherwise, bids received after that time will remain sealed and will be returned to the bidder. If submitting electronically, the portal for accepting bids will close automatically at the closing date and time indicated in the procurement details.