Period of Solicitation


24.55. Period of Solicitation

To comply with the obligation to conduct a fair, open and transparent procurement process, suppliers must be allowed enough time to submit a bid in response to a procurement opportunity with the Cayman Islands Government.

The choice of procurement open period takes into consideration various factors, such as the complexity of the procurement, the time that may be required to prepare the bid, and the need for suppliers to subcontract part of the requirement.

The procurement period and document availability begins at the time of the posting of the notice of opportunity.  All procurements over $100K must be open for a minimum of 15 business days from the date that the notice of opportunity is advertised on the website.

However, choosing the minimum days to solicit bids will not necessarily result in a good outcome if the procurement is such that suppliers need to be allowed more time to disseminate the information of the bid document and prepare their response.  If a procurement document is amended during the procurement period, suppliers may request or need more time to respond to the procurement. In these circumstances, a longer procurement period may be warranted and require an amendment to extend the closing date.