Evaluation of Bids


24.102. Evaluation of Bids

Bids must always be evaluated in a manner that is fair and transparent, based solely on the evaluation methodology stated in the procurement documents and known by bidders from the outset. Applying undisclosed evaluation criteria would put the integrity of the procurement process into jeopardy.

Any documents pertaining to the evaluation of bids must be preserved and documented in the procurement file. This information may be required if the evaluation procedure is challenged and if an access to information request is submitted. 

This is the typical sequence of events in the evaluation process for bids:

  • At the initial meeting for evaluators, the Project Lead will brief evaluators on their key responsibilities and practices to avoid;
  • Evaluation members will be required to sign a Declaration covering confidentiality, conflict and conduct available online if electronic bids or at this link otherwise: https://www.procure.gov.ky/evaluation-guide
  • Technical bids are distributed either physically or released electronically to identified evaluators in a staged approach depending on which requirements are requested in the solicitation document, beginning with mandatory submission requirements, then mandatory technical requirements, followed by point-rated technical requirements and finally when all the previous stages have been met, the pricing is released and recorded;
  • Each evaluator independently evaluates and scores the technical bids;
  • The evaluation team holds its consensus meeting, which results in a consensus score which is an agreement amongst all evaluators as to the final score for that criteria and a record of the rationale for reaching that score. The meeting is led by the Project Lead, as applicable, who will remind the evaluation team of their responsibilities;
  • The Project Lead will ensure that scores are substantiated and will request the team to validate their findings if not satisfied;
  • The identified evaluator conducts the financial evaluation;
  • The Project Lead completes the evaluation ensuring to use the selection methodology as set out in the RFP; 
  • The Project Lead obtains the approval to award the contract to the successful bidder;
  • The Project Lead is responsible for ensuring that the confidentiality of the bids is preserved and that the bids are handled in compliance with security requirements. In that regard, bids are to be kept in a secure cabinet at all times; and
  • At or after the consensus meeting as applicable, any physical copies of bids will be returned to the Project Lead.

A guidance document on evaluation has been provided as a tool to assist you and is available in the Tool List at the following link: